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Seahurst Pediatrics Virtual Care

Seahurst Pediatrics is here for you. We now offer easy access to Telehealth appointments through AthenaHealth, our new electronic health record system. 

Healthy mother and child enjoying digital era, having online telemedicine consultation wit

See your doctor face-to-face without visiting the office. Video visits are secure and right from your home, so your child can always get the care they need. 


Preparing for Your Virtual Care Appointment

  • You have received a link to your child's scheduled Telehealth appointment via text or email. Please click on that link to directly connect to the Telehealth appointment through AthenaHealth. If you cannot find this link, please call our office. 

  • Begin your visit 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Once you connect, you will be sitting in the virtual “waiting room” until your pediatrician is ready to see you. 

  • Find a quiet room with a lot of light for your virtual visit. 

  • Both you and your child should be in the room for your virtual visit. 

  • For adolescent visits, we would like to have a quiet place to talk with them privately as well. 

  • Have a list of your child’s current medications.

  • Know your child’s weight and temperature if possible. 

  • You will be billed for an office visit just as if you were in the office. If you have a copay you can pay it over the phone or you can be billed. 

  • There are some limitations to Telehealth. There are some situations in which your child may still need to be seen in-person. Much of the time though, your pediatrician will be able to offer you great advice, diagnose minor conditions, offer a prescription if needed and give you guidance on signs or symptoms to watch for.

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